Saturday 18 August 2018

Look for the unexpected in the most mundane day. It might surprise you. Brylee does just that as she faces challenges almost too great to handle. As she says early in Indecision's Flame:  

"I looked down at the ring on my finger and thought about Ben. He’d encouraged me to make peace with my past before we were married, and he’d helped me understand the importance of family even when they’d hurt me beyond belief. I’d fought him on the idea of going home for months but finally realized that I could never be happy in a new life while the old one was still causing me so much pain. I’d grown up, and I’d changed, but what if I hadn’t changed enough to accept the people who had once meant everything to me?"
 That pretty much says it for all of us as we try to muddle through some very difficult days, but we keep going anyway.

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