Monday 11 February 2019

Valentine's Day is on the Way

So here we are, almost half way through another month. It's hard to believe how fast times goes by, but I have to admit that the upcoming holiday has been hard for me the past twenty or so years. I can remember what it was like to anticipate being remembered by someone who really cared and doing things for my children when they were little, like creating heart-shaped pink pancakes for breakfast, writing fun notes and decorating dozens of sugar cookies to give to teachers and friends. Even when I was teaching school, I'd take something fun to my classes to help celebrate the day, but things have changed dramatically since I retired.

Not that I don't enjoyed having a little more unencumbered time, but having been alone for over 25 years, and having my children married with families of their own, has left a gap when it comes to this particular holiday. I still bake cookies to take to friends and make sure my kids and grandkids are not forgotten, but it's still one of those days that I almost wish I could sleep through. So I'm hoping to try something different this year. I'm going to text, email or contact on Facebook some of my friend, both male and female, who feel the same way I do. We shouldn't have to forget about love, even if we don't have a certain kind of it in our lives. So, here's to all the single people who are still young enough at heart to want the right kind of love. We may not find it in this life, but I do believe that a life lived with love and compassion for others has not been lived in vain, and we will receive some kind compensation in the life to come.

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