Tuesday 16 April 2024

The Beacon of Hope Old Glory Brings

Three weeks ago we had a storm. It was filled with wind and rain and the usual dark skies that seem to sap every ounce of energy. I never complain too loudly since my home is in a high desert at the base of a majestic mountain range that speaks volumes about God's beautiful creations and fills me with awe every time I glance in its direction. But when I looked out of my bedroom window the morning after the clouds departed I saw something that caused a heavy feeling of dread to land in my heart. The flag that had blown so reassuringly on its pole in my neighbor's yard since the day of my arrival was gone.

I get chills even as I think back on it now because watching the stars and stripes waft through even the slightest breeze above my house brought a sense of peace, security and pride, and a real connection to our Founding Fathers. They were ordinary men from various walks of life according to man's standards, but they were given the task of creating the masterpiece we call our Constitution, along with it's accompanying Bill of Rights. There has been no other like it in the history of the world where men and women were assured that their God-given rights would not be taken from them - unless they turned against heaven as a nation.

How my heart ached when I saw that the heavy wind of the night before had snapped that sturdy metal flag pole in two and the top part lay helpless on the ground. Fortunately, that beautiful symbol known as Old Glory to those of us who are mature enough to respect what our flag truly stands for had already been retrieved. Had that priceless piece of fabric been lying on the ground I would have been forced to rush outside in my pajamas and slippers and bring it inside where it could be lovingly folded and returned to my neighbors.

It seemed like the remains of that pole lay helpless on the ground forever as sprigs of green grass grew up around it. I looked at it several times each day and thought about what it represented just as often. I had not really appreciated what it stood for until it was gone, but its sudden loss brought great clarity as to where we now stand as a country and how close we are to losing every right our ancestors fought so hard to give us, with the hope that we would value our freedom as mush as they did. 

The stars and stripes were flying again today, but the flag pole was not as tall and stately as before. It had been shortened by eight to twelve feet so it could better withstand the storms that would surely come as the years progressed. I could hardly catch my breath when I saw it, but how helpless and sad it looked flying so low to the ground as if all its glory and strength had be ripped away. But it would still bravely and proudly wave for those of us who were willing to look and remember what it stood for. 

I guess that's why I'm taking time from weeding flower beds and replacing strawberry plants that didn't survive the winter to write this. My heart is so heavy I can't stop the tears from forming because I am fully aware that there is a formidable and Godless movement making rapid gains towards a one-government world where a few wealthy elite rule with a vengeance that will completely enslave the rest of us. It goes by many names--some of which I have mentioned in previous posts. But make no mistake, the people involved are evil tyrants who can lie without a flicker of the eye and for them, the end will always justify the means. 

We may not want to believe it, but these global elites have their people installed in positions of power in every government around the globe. Ours is not exempt. A careful study of history from books published before 1960 will show how our downfall as a nation began and how every policy and cause the far left has taken on has one purpose only--to strip us of more freedom and turn us into sheeple who no longer think for ourselves. We simply react as mainstream news anchors read carefully crafted messages from the corporations who own them and pass more laws that few Americans are even aware of.

Case in point--last week Biden installed a new State Department Diversity Chairman, Zakiya Carr Johnson who believes the United States is a failed historical model and who demands the destruction of tradition "at every juncture" on the altar of anti-racism. She was repositioned after serving as Obama's first director of the Race, Ethnicity and Social Inclusion Unit.

And here's something else I learned last week that is enough to make the blood run cold. It concerns the "Oath of Office" each newly elected, or installed, official is supposed to take and sign. In the case of the following individuals those oaths do not exist, are incomplete or fraudulent. Janet Yellen, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury; Lloyd Austin, U.S. Secretary of Defense; Merrick Garland, U.S. Attornet General; Antony Blinkin, U.S. Secretary of State; Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security; Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation; Xavier Becerra, Heath and Human Services; Rochelle Walenski, former director of the Center for Disease Control; Matthew Graves, Attorney for the District of Colombia and Kamala Harris, Vice- President of the U.S.

When all those names are put together it gives a clear picture as to why our country is on the brink of destruction when it comes to our being 35 trillion in debt, having our bridges sabotaged, our borders overrun with illegals who will become the foot soldiers in a looming civil war, President Trump's unprecedented and illegal court cases, the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, Covid and all the other threats of worldwide pandemics meant to corral us, the destruction of major cities, railroads, farm land, and 96 food processing plants since Biden took office. There's also the taking over of our society by various LBGTQ agendas, pro-Palestinian and reparation movements, and our nation going from being the world's greatest champion of freedom to the laughing stock of the world because we have such inept administration. Could it be that not signing their oaths of office is the way these individuals hope to keep from being prosecuted for the treason they have so obviously committed? It's definitely something to think about.

But like that brave flag outside my bedroom window, I intend to stand strong because our country is too great to lose, but I fear that could happen without divine intervention. I used to think that we were just too illformed or lazy to step up to the plate and let our voices be heard. But I have to add fear to that list because I've been feeling some of that lately myself. With all the innocent people who are being arrested and losing their homes, livelihoods and freedoms for speaking out against the policies the far left have been forcing on us, it takes more courage than I sometimes feel like I have to even a write a simple blog encouraging people who love our country to wake up to what is going on and take whatever stand for freedom and righteousness they can.

I was talking to some friends last week who are going through a rough time. The husband is former Air Force pilot and the wife was a stay-at-home mom. He received notice this month that his Social Security had been reduced to $200 a month with no explanation given. At the same time, his wife got a notice that she owed Medicare $800 because not enough had been deducted. That terrifies me because like so many of you I rely on Social Security to pay my mortgage--which is far less than renting a two-bedroom apartment. 

The day I learned that, I also read an article on Fox News where it was confirmed that every illegal who crosses the border--I'm assuming that's only adults since it wasn't specified--gets a renewable card from the United States Government for $2200 a month that comes out of our Social Security funds, in addition to free housing, medical care, schooling and food. And we're talking about 20 million illegals just since Biden took office. The very thought is mind-boggling and should give every legal American cause for worry because the people we supposedly elected to represent our wishes are knifing us in the back. How can they give non-existent money to people who are here illegally while claiming there is no money left in the Social Security funds for those who have paid into it?

This is hardly the America I grew up in, but it is still worth fighting for because it is the only country on earth where we stand a chance of living the rest of our lives under at least some of the freedoms we have taken for granted. Our Bill of Rights are being attacked on a daily bases and that shouldn't be okay with any any of us. I learned a few days ago that illegals have now been given the right to purchase guns and bring them over the border while the rest of us fight ever increasing regulations and roadblocks. How could that happen with no one knowing about it when new laws are supposed to go before both houses of congress for approval? The president can't arbitrarily make them and neither can the Supreme Court, but that's what happening.

On the news this morning there were three articles about Anti-Israel and Pro-Palestinian gangs blocking the road leading away from the O'Hare International airport in Chicago, barricading both lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC and stopping the complete flow of traffic over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco just so their ranting hatred for all Judeo-Christian beliefs could be heard. The saddest part is that uncivilized acts like this are only going to get worse because the police were told they couldn't arrest anyone. It defies logic, but without some kind of intervention the globalists indoctrination programs will continue and tax-paying Americans will pay the price in dollars, loss of life and stolen freedoms as they have always done.

What makes America so great is the same reason the far left and globalist elites want to destroy it. Michael Savage of The Savage Nation said, and I quite agree with him: "We are a nation populated with pioneers, dreamers, inventors, leaders, opportunity makers, builders, thinkers, poets, artists, musicians, doctors and scientists. I could go on and on. Is it any wonder, then, that today America has led the world in technology, medicine, science and space exploration? Our freedom, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit and the incentive capitalism brings, has produced these many advances and breakthroughs. Not to mention that we enjoy the highest standard of living anywhere on the planet.

"Now, look at the other nations of the world. You won't find these advances and breakthroughs in socialist countries. You won't find people working hard to excel, to dream, and to build brighter futures in countries where the self-serving socialist government hands the people a loaf of bread and a blanket while telling them which government agency they must work in.  . . . . America has been richly blessed. America has a glorious past. America is now facing a cultural crossroads.

"We're a diverse people with a shared freedom. We represent a variety of nationalities but are one nation. We have a range of skills but a shared opportunity to excel. We have many voices but one tongue. We live in individual states but ultimately in one united country."

Of course that was written in 2002 before the leaders of our country decided that it would serve their purposes best to erase our borders, our culture that defines the heart and soul of America, our religions, our language, our desire to work and produce, our freedoms as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and even our individuality. Progress stops when people can't, or won't, communicate with each other and when justice sides with the guilty and leaves the innocent to fend for themselves when some favored minority calls foul. 

But all those things aside, I believe God is in control and I trust in his timing and grace. As long as I am doing my best in following Christ's example of charity for others, compassion, understanding and forgiveness then I will be okay in the long run. This life is a test to see how committed we are to returning to our heavenly home and the challenges will be great. That's why I love spending time on my knees and knowing God is there to listen to and answer each of his children's prayers. May each of us feel his love and peace today. The world may be in commotion but we can make our homes a refuge. What a glorious blessing that is.

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