Monday 6 May 2024

And the Door Bangs Shut


A week ago Monday I was going about my day thoroughly exhilarated because the sun was shining and it was finally time to put the yard ornaments and furniture outside so another summer season could be fully enjoyed. Little did I realize that a split second in time would place me in a life or death situation with no one to turn to but God. You see, I use this home-crafted shed in the picture above--that was built by the previous owner--to store everything that needs to be protected from winter storms. But it is also home to dozens of yellow jacket mud nests for new arrivals and more Black Widow and Hobo spiders than I care to think about. It is constructed of pressed wood on the outside with particle board floors that have warped horribly and even have gaping holes open to the soil underneath. 

It's not a place that I venture often because the dust alone aggrieves my allergies and I've been deathly afraid of being locked inside in the dark with no means of escape. If you look closely at the picture above you can see that the door is held in place by a latch with a hole in the top through which a piece of twine was strung as a safety feature should the unthinkable ever happen. Unfortunately, this precaution for safety had a peg board hanging over so it was inaccessible from the inside. I always inserted a broom, rake or shovel to keep the door open, but as I was finishing my chores I decided to stick my head far enough inside to grab a faded folding chair so I could sit on it while digging out more of my park strip for flowers. 

That's when I heard that clanging bang that made my blood run cold. I had reached too far inside and the door had closed engulfing me in the terrible darkness that had been a part of so many horrific nightmares. The piece of twine broke off in my hand as I pulled down on it making my enslavement complete. Words cannot express the terror that came over me I stood in that awful, dark, dang and creepy place with insects flying and crawling around me and realized that I might never get out. It was eleven in the morning and every neighbor who could move about without assistance or hear much of anything had gone to school or work. I never carry my cell phone with me when I'm working outside since the sun, dirt and water aren't particularly good for it.

In my state of disbelief, I sat down on that chair and asked my Heavenly Father what I could do to get out. This couldn't be the way I was supposed to die, alone and scared in a place with no water, no windows, heat beating down on the shingled roof, poisonous insects that would find their way to me in the dark, and the very real probability that no one would hear my calls, my pounding or even come looking for me in what could amount to several days or even a week. Never before had living alone seem to come with such a high cost. And I had barely begun exercises to strengthen the muscles in my right arm after having had shoulder surgery three months earlier.

But even in my fear I knew I couldn't just sit around waiting to die. If doing something I hoped would get me out of a seemingly impossible situation meant messing up my shoulder again it was far better preferable to being found dead, stung and dehydrated in a dilapidated shed. There was a tiny bit of light coming through the south corner where a sheet of pressed wood had pulled away to a height of about eighteen inches. I got off that chair and began looking for something I could use as a tool since I kept everything of that nature in the garage where it was more accessible. It didn't take long for me to find this large, claw hammer (like the one strong builders use) that I didn't even know I had. Nor do I remember where it came from but I must have left it there because it was too heavy for me to use on any household project I would ever encounter.

I began pounding on that door with all the strength my left arm could muster but all it did was send more dust into my face. After attacking the south wall with equally as much energy, I soon realized that four by eight sheets of pressed wood were not going to move with what I had to use. I found a pair of vice grips but they were too fat to reach through the narrow opening between the edge of the door and the wall, and they wouldn't do any good anyway because I had to get to that tiny circle in the latch and pull it upwards to free myself. Trying to pry the peg board off the wall where the twine had been was equally as useless without a ladder.

My stomach was churning and my head ached, but the adrenaline brought about by sheer fear had kicked in. That's when I began tearing at the two by fours that went around the inside edges of the door. I would use both hands to get the claws on that oversized hammer underneath the edge and then grip the two by four on the inside wall as hard as I could with my right hand, keeping my elbow as close to my side as I could and praying the hammer wouldn't slip. But my left arm wasn't strong enough to exert enough force to make much progress in a single attempt so it slipped over and over again as I worked and pleaded for help and strength. But instead of falling into the wall my arm would hit a stack of tomato cages that help soften the blow. 

Over the next two hours, I learned just how indestructible the human spirit really is and how much it yearns for the God-given freedoms so many evil people want to take away from us in the name of a modern globalized world. Each splinter of wood that was pulled from the board brought an added sliver of hope that I might be free to breathe in the crisp, clean air of the world I loved so much once again. But there was no guarantee that in my limited strength I would ever dislodge an entire board that had been fastened onto the pressed wood with dozens of metal staples. And even if I managed to pull all of them out, the brace that held the latch in place had been secured with four large screws and I was working from the back side.  

Just thinking about what my body and spirit went through during my captivity in that shed still makes my jaw quiver, but I learned a valuable lesson. God gives us strength to make it through whatever hardships we encounter as long as we don't give up. And give up, I didn't! I kept pulling and pounding until one end of the board started to move and I kept going upward until I reached that wooden brace. That's when God granted me an extra burst of energy and I was able to pull the two-by-four completely away. After reaching around for a broken leg of a tomato cage, I slid the metal stick through the crack in the edge of the door and into the hole in the latch.  

When that door swung open and I stepped out into a now cool breeze, the tears came hard and fast. I sat down on that turquoise bench you see in the picture and sobbed out my gratitude for being heard and loved and helped. There is no way I could have freed myself on my own. I feel that same way when I think about our country and the desperate situation we are in. We need divine intervention of some sort if we're going to survive as a free republic and continue being a light for freedom for the rest of the world. 

Perhaps that intervention will come in the form of dedicated patriots around the globe who refuse to be taken over by a world government that in the words of columnist, Dick Morris, "are the people and organizations who want us to surrender our national identity, change our lifestyles, provide reparations for what they view as our excesses, and surrender to a new order of international institutions that will tell us what to do, when to do it, and how much to pay for it. . . . Do we want to be in a global ruling partnership with Russia, China, or a collection of tiny, lightly populated, third world atrocities, riddled with corruption and dedicated to the enrichment of their leaders?" 

Doesn't sound pleasant to me! But then I'm a little old fashioned in wanting my liberty to continue. In addition to all the rioting on college campuses by antisemitic students who chant "Death to the US" and whose leaders are being funded by the same billionaire elites that supported the BLM terrorists before the last election, word is that Biden plans to cede US sovernty to the World Health Organization in a pandemic treaty on May 27. That's more than terrifying because laws can be repealed, but treaties can't. Any treaty signed by the US but not yet ratified by the Senate is still binding on our country until it is either rejected by the Senate or renounced by the president. There are only two ways to get out of them: if the 190 nations that signed them let us out, or by passing a constitutional amendment--neither of which has ever happened. 

Here are some of the things treaties have done or can do: control the Internet, subject the US to international rules on carbon emission, stipulate who can drill for oil or fish in any waters, take away the ability of the Navy to perform its historic mission of protection, sign arms trade deals and take away our personal weapons, supersede the US Supreme Court and make our entire judicial system subject to the rulings of an international court (as of 2012, 120 countries have signed onto the court and 32 have signed the treaty recognizing its jurisdiction with the US, Russia and China being the only holdouts), define global environmentalism under UNEP, and interfere with missile defense. 

Other nations use the treaty-making process primarily as a way to cut the US down to size so we will sign away our independent rights. James Malone, explains how it relates to the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty. "The treaty's provisions were intentionally designed to promote a new world order--a form of global collectivism . . . that seeks ultimately the redistribution of the world's wealth through a complex system of manipulative central economic and bureaucratic coercion." It does more than just increase the flow of wealth from developed nations to third world dictatorships. It confers on them the power to tax American property. 

Another example is The Global Warming Treaty and it's goal to control the US and assert regulatory jurisdiction over our power plants, factories and entire economy. My question is why would we ever subject ourselves to the jurisdiction of a third world-dominated body that hates us? And yet it's happened. Not fifty miles from my house is a UN building that no American citizen can enter without authorization. The men and women who work there have no loyalty to the United States and can make their own rules without any interference. 

In case you're not entirely clear about how the United Nations operates this might surprise you. It certainly did me, and I've been leery about them for years. There are 193 countries represented in the UN. Each nation, regardless of size or number of residents, gets ONE vote. The 97 least-populated UN members have a combined census of only 241 million inhabitants (2012) and comprise less than 4 percent of the World's 7 billion population, but together they can outvote the rest of the world. Then there's the Group 77 portion of it--a coalition of the poorer nations determined to use the UN as a vehicle to channel money from developed nations to meet their own needs.

Morris makes this enlightening statement. "To lump free and not-free countries into one world body and to assign each the same voting power mocks the very concept of democracy. The UN is very punctilious about preserving the idea of majority rule and its implication of democratic decision making in the General Assembly. But what kind of democracy is it when 55 percent of the delegates come from governments that do not represent the people who live there? . . . The world we face today is neither democratic nor honest. Neither respectful of human rights nor a guardian of individual liberty. It is dominated by corrupt dictators and one-party governments that do not speak for their people and keep power only by coercion, censorship, and repression. We dare not trust our liberty to them."

Ultimately, there are two political philosophy camps in the world: those who believe in free markets and individual liberty and those who believe in central planning and dictation from the elites who had to create a common enemy in hopes of uniting diverse people behind a world cause. I don't know about you but this push for a one-world order wrapped around saving the planet from the effects of global warming or carbon emissions is nothing more than a smoke screen. But who is there to stop them from achieving their diabolical dream other than free market democracies, the rule of sovereign electorates and individuals who are beginning to understand what they're really doing. 

Personally, I like living in a home and not some high rise building in the jungle of a big city where there isn't room to breathe, crime has taken over and no one is allowed to drive anywhere or own anything from cradle to grave. The idea of limiting our freedom, forcibly changing our lifestyles, emasculating our democratic institutions, redistributing our hard-earned personal assets and technological advances to poorer nations, having our borders destroyed and our identity as a nation taken away, along with subjecting us to an international rule of law imposed by the United Nations as envisioned by the liberals, socialists, globalists and radical environmentalists makes no sense to this country girl. 

I guess my plea for anyone reading this blog today is to pay attention to what is going on around them and if they see something amiss do something about it. The downfall of the United States of America has been going on for decades and the people behind it aren't about to stop just because we ask them to. But after my escape from that shed a few days ago, I know that I need more that just freedom of spirit. I need to be free the very way our Founding Fathers set up in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. May we be willing to fight to retain those rights is an ongoing prayer because without freedom there isn't much else that really matters.

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