Saturday 25 May 2024

What Happened to Our Country?

I've had one of those pesky headaches that never seems to go entirely away all week. The one with the blurrier vision--since I have very dry eyes and my insurance won't cover the eye drops that work best--the nausea that makes the very thought of food unappitizing and the loss of motivation when it comes to doing anything more thought-provoking than working in my flower gardens. I seem to be able to put the most annoying thoughts aside when I'm rescuing plants from noxious and vigorous weeds, like the fast growing Morning Glory that grows a good six inches overnight. The weed and feed I put on the lawn earlier this year seemed to make it hardier than ever and it can spread faster than any weed I know of. 

I love to feel the warmth of the sun on my body as I work until it gets too hot to even be outside. That's seventy degrees for me if I'm doing anything more strenuous than lounging in my recliner hammock because I sweat a lot. It's also the place where I work out my frustrations with the harsh realities of daily living, the minor inconveniences that seem like gigantic mountains until they're resolved and difficult people who test my patience to the max. It's also where I go to try to solve the world's problems without the global elite forcing their decisions on me.  Getting along as persons who share the same planet seems easy enough to me if we would just follow the Ten Commandments, the God-inspired Constitution and the Beatitudes. But then I'm a Christian, a patriot and a woman who will always believe in God, country, family and a border that protects our liberty and our identity as a people and a country.

That certainly puts me in a precarious position right there with the other 50% of the country who is as tired as I am of being branded as racist, homophobic, traitorous and every other awful sounding jab the left makes as it tries to reassert its dominance and pressure us into keeping quiet.  But that's rather hard to do when my heart breaks every time I read the headlines on Fox News. Like I've mentioned before, I gave up mainline media's supposed news coverage after Covid because all the anchors do is read from a script that covers up what we should know while trying to indoctrinate us into believing that the left and their insane policies, rules and laws are beneficial to Americans. 

Everything they profess just makes me wish more strongly that there was some way I could return to the values I grew up with. I loved feeling safe, being able to provide for my family without going into credit card debt, honoring my country and the heroes it helped create, knowing I wouldn't be bullied or prosecuted if I used the wrong pronoun or objected when murderers, rapists and thieves were set free to commit more crimes. I also liked having neighbors with basically the same values and cultural heritage so we could understand each other and actually get along. Being able to worship freely without fear of retaliation by those who believe in nothing but doing what feels good was also a huge plus.

Now I know it wasn't all sunshine and roses after World War II in which both my father and my mother actively participated. Money was tight, but we had pride in our country and for the most part were willing to work incredibly hard for everything we had. There were no government handouts to people who lived in the country on farms. We had to make it on our own. I had school clothes and play clothes--which is a kind way of saying work clothes--since there was always something that had to be done. We kids didn't particularly like doing chores like bucking hay, changing water on crops or feeding and herding unruly animals both before and after school but we did it because it was expected and there were always consequences if we refused. But I digress because even with all the hardships and deprivation of being a poor, white farmer's daughter, I learned to value what was good, wholesome and worthwhile. Things that have long since been discarded by a great many people who live here.

I suppose that leads me into what I want to share with you today. It's about the United Nations and how they're pushing towards having the entire world under their control. The thought terrifies me, but until I read a book with a chapter about the UN in it I had little to back up the unease I felt just hearing the name. My first serous thought about what they really stood for began a few years ago when a huge building was given to them in a city less than forty minutes away from where I live. In Utah of all places since it has always been a huge conservative state until very recently. That was fodder enough for speculation but when citizens of our own country were told by armed guards that it was off limits to American citizens my mind began to race.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann in the last chapter of their book Here Come The Black Helicopters! give some great insight. They begin by explaining how the radical globalists and their environmental allies are determined to get their hands on America's wealth any way they can and give what they don't keep for themselves to third world nations to help them deal with climate change. Reading what countries are willing to do to each other to get what they want isn't easy. But it certainly offers greater clarity as to why our legislators keep passing bills that give trillions of dollars of borrowed money to enemy nations while neglecting the most basic needs of suffering Americans. All the time knowing that they are leaving the 50 percent of our country who actually pay taxes to foot the bill, along with generations of their posterities. 

According to the authors, "the UN doesn't hide its goal, income redistribution, noting that 'it is high time that governments re-examine the basic redistributive role of taxation to ensure that wealthier individuals and the financial sector contribute their fair share of the tax burden.'" But taxing us to add more money to the coffers of other nations and global elites doesn't compute with our fundamental sovereign rights. "Ever since the Magna Carta, the principle has been honored in democracies of 'no taxation without representation.' To backslide on this rule in order to line the pockets of third world dictators is a very dangerous and bad idea."

After that disheartening introduction, Morris and McGann ask a few simple questions. "Would such rule be democratic and freedom loving or autocratic and arbitrary? Would it be fundamentally honest, albeit with a few bad apples, or would it be governed by rulers who were intent on stealing and plundering their way to mega-wealth? Would it be respectful of human rights or ride roughshod over them like happens in many parts of the world?" 

It's one thing for those on the west coast of America to trust those on the east coast or in the south or midwest to make every law or rule governing us, but its "quite another thing to give that power to Russia, China or a conglomeration of tiny, lightly populated, third world autocracies, riddled with corruption and dedicated to the enrichment of their leaders." 

In the United Nations, every country has one vote and every decision is decided by a majority rule. Have I scared anyone yet? With 193 countries in the UN, a coalition of very small nations exercises a disproportionate power. For example, the 97 least populated UN members have a combined census of only 241 million inhabitants--about one-quarter less than the population of the United States when there were only 310 million living here. These nations comprise less than 4 percent of the world's 7 billion people, but together they can determine the direction of its decisions.

The UN was originally formed as an association of Allied powers, who had emerged victorious from the Second World War: the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China. Each of these countries was given veto power over the global body since none of the allies were willing to trust its fate to a roll of the dice in the General Assembly where each nation has a single vote. Only 45 nations were represented when it opened its door in 1945. By 1959 it had grown to 82 members and it soared to 189 in 2000. Now it stands at 193. 

With each new third world addition, the voting power of the West--and Russia--was diluted and the power of the nations of Africa and Asia grew. The larger their power  grew the more the Anti-America bias grew. If the globalists have their way, the countries who hate America and want to destroy her will decide where we can drill for oil, which sea lanes will be open for our navigation, how the global Internet is administered, how much we should pay to third world countries to adjust to climate change, what limits to place on our carbon emissions, how much we will be able to earn at our jobs, which jobs we can even have, what food we can eat, what kind of cars we can drive, how our kids will be educated and what religion we will have to follow.

The diminishing power of the major UN nations is evident in the increasing domination of the Group of 77--something I had never heard of before. But it's a coalition of the poorer nations that are determined to use the UN as a vehicle to channel money from developed nations to meet their own needs. These countries contribute only 12 percent of the UN operating budget, but their combined power has become dominant in the General Assembly where all the votes are taken. 

Morris and McGann ask these probing questions. "Before we dilute our national sovereignty, we are entitled to ask of our fellow nations, with whom we would share power in global governance, are they worthy countries? Are they free? Are they corrupt? Do they respect human rights? The short answer: No, they don't."

In 2011, Random House --an organization founded in 1941 that has kept meticulous records and impartial track of the degree of freedom and democracy in each of the world's nations--designated 87 of the world's 195 nations (including two non-UN members) as free. Another 60 countries were partially free, which means limited respect for civil liberties and political rights, frequently suffering from an environment of corruption, weak rule of law, ethnic and religious strife, and a political landscape where one party rules. The other 48 countries were designated as not free. The 87 free countries make up a minority of 45 percent. 

Morris and McGann state. "To lump free and not-free countries into one world body and to assign each the same voting power mocks the very concept of democracy. The UN is very punctilious about preserving the idea of majority rule and its implication of democratic decision making in the General Assembly. But what kind of democracy is it when 55 percent of the delegates come from governments that do not represent the people who live there?" The premise of the UN is to take countries as they are. If they want to change that's their own business.

I don't have to give examples of how corrupt the governments of the world have become, ours included. We see examples nearly every day on the news. Corruption has become so commonplace that a new word had to be created to articulate the degree of corruption within a government: kleptocracy. These governments are more like criminal gangs. Their ruling elite get to serve as presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, negotiators, foreign secretaries and cabinet secretaries. In each position, they are empowered to steal all they can and to share their loot with one another. But in such nations, membership in the UN offers entrance to a realm of vast resources that are there for the taking. 

The concluding paragraphs by Morris and McGann state. "The world we face today is neither democratic nor honest. Neither respectful of human rights nor a guardian of individual liberty. It is dominated by corrupt dictators and one-party governments that do not speak for their people and keep power only by coercion, censorship, and repression. . . . We dare not trust our liberties to them.

 ". . . The globalist adversary is more insidious and a greater threat to our liberty today than we face from any other source. It advances in the name of our own good, seeking to frighten us into line by dire predictions of global disaster unless we give up our sovereignty and share our wealth. Its apocalyptic predictions of environmental catastrophe come like tornado warnings on the prairie, leading us to come and huddle together in our shelters, accepting disciple and a loss of freedom during the emergency. But the emergency is fabricated and the warnings are issued just to panic us into the shelters, where we can be subjugated and tyrannized.

". . . Those who would impose a global governance on us count on our worry about climate change, global warming, ocean acidification, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and shifting rainfall patterns to get us into line behind a new world order. But we are Americans and our knees don't bend to tyrants, however disguised."

When one factors in that the UN is financing the arrival of the majority of illegals coming into our country and giving them a credit card with new money on it each month it becomes an even greater concern. As are the intentions of the World Health organization that can easily exert control over our lives again if another manmade pandemic occurs. That power grad includes all the other three letter agencies that bow down to the globalist leaders who rule over them. 

I try not to mull over everything I'm learning to the point that it disrupts my sleep too often, but I'm glad to be at least partially informed rather than dwelling in some bubble that will eventually burst. We have been living on borrowed time for much too long already, and I fear the disruption to our lives and livelihoods will only become worse as 2024 continues. The stage for civil war types of terrorist events has already been set. It's my opinion that it will take more than hiding to make it through what lies ahead. 

If we want our country to survive as the independent republic we love so much we have to take a stand. My hat goes off to every patriot who risks personal and family safety, monetary assets and being falsely imprisoned for standing up for Constitutional rights or maintaining a steadfast belief in God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray for them every night, along with asking God how I can help in my own limited way. 

By standing together I know we can take our country back, but it won't be easy. Helping to wake people up to the dangerous situation we are in is the first step, and I know it's happening. People haven't fallen for a second pandemic scare like they did with the first one and they're tired of being lied to about climate change and green everything. Democrats and Republicans alike are starting to fight back when it comes to what is being taught in our schools and the open border fiasco where people intent on destroying America far out number those who want to become responsible, assimilated citizens who have more to offer than living off welfare and government handouts for the rest of their lives.

In conclusion, I want to share the highlights of an article I read last week about California being the fifth state, behind Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Vermont, to pass a law making human composting an alternative to burial or cremation. It's going to take effect in 2027. That's three years away and only a certain faction of the Catholic Church has opposed it. The body will put in a metal container along with decomposing elements like chemicals and insects and nature is supposed to do the rest. When it turns to dirt--no time limit given--the family can use it for gardening or filling in a hole. I told my son I would haunt him if he did that to me. It's pushing the green agenda a bit too far. 

As a Christian I know God created this earth with all the resources his sons and daughters would need to live full and rich lives while completing tests of obedience and love. He even sent his beloved son to atone for every sin should the sinner choose the path of complete and humble repentance. There is enough and to spare for all the generations yet to come. But if we willingly turn away from our creator to walk a path of evil and corruption in obtaining fortune, fame or power we will lose everything of eternal value. I don't want that for myself. Eternity is forever and I know where I want to be.

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