Tuesday 31 July 2018

Flawsomely Awesome or Beautifully Broken

Flawsomely Awesome or Beautifully Broken 

I haven't quite decided on a title for this blog yet. Maybe you could help? I want something that catches the eye, is easily remembered and reflects the essence of what I'd like to do as I share teasers and excerpts from upcoming books and express my views of life in general - among other things that will be of interest to readers who enjoy my stories. 

I believe in the power of the printed word. It calms troubled hearts, gives added courage and allows for moments of diversion from often hectic and troubling days. Brylee's story in Indecision's Flame is a story for the 21st century where the past and present often collide. As Brylee states in the first few pages: "I knew what I had done was wrong, but my own pain had stripped all humanity from me, and I'd lashed out at the only person I knew I could hurt - my father." 

We've all had times like that. It's what living is all about.

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