Wednesday 28 November 2018

Three beautiful winners

So I'm really setting a record - three blogs in less than two days - but I couldn't let this go. Some things are just too exciting. One of the winners from my first contest as a writer, Amber Homer from Boise, Idaho, sent me a picture this morning of two of her beautiful daughters holding the books she won last month. They ended up on the cover of a literary magazine - Books 'N Pieces - that everyone should check it because it's amazing with author interviews, short stories and deals galore each month.

I love doing things for others, but time and distance often prevent me from getting as involved as I would like. Sponsoring contests and sharing my work is one way I've found for keeping in touch. My hope is that my books will be entertaining, uplifting and thought-provoking. Much thought is given to each character in my stories. Even the more villainous ones have redeeming qualities. Hope your day has been great. I know mine has. You could be one of the next winners by signing up for my newsletter at before December 31.  Each person who does s will receive a digital copy of Indecision's Flame book. There are also 4 print proof copies of the same book to be given away at the end of month. I'd love to be giving them to you.

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Old Dogs - New Tricks

So here I sit in my office tonight unable to sleep as often happens these days. I suppose it's because I've been wondering the past few hours why it took a good friend who has been in the publishing business for many years drawing a literal diagram earlier today about the fundamentals of how the Internet works when it comes to interfacing between various public domain platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogging sites before I understood, even in part, how they all fit together. 

I used to consider myself fairly intelligent and able to pick up on things quickly, but that was definitely before the technological boom of the past few years. Things are changing so rapidly I know I'll never be able to keep up. So why did I decide going into Indie publishing was such a good idea five months ago? I'm one of the baby boomers who has now retired but who doesn't want to quit growing, learning, chasing my dreams and being receptive to new challenges. Is essence, I want to be more like my grandchildren who pick up a cell phone and can use every app without having to think about it.

I fear I'm not alone in that desire. I stood behind a lady at Walmart last week who was trying to pay for her groceries using an app on her cell phone. She was about my age and while she'd done it once was having a difficult time figuring out how to do it agin. She finally gave up and pulled out her Debit card. It made me feel a little bit better about how slowly my brain processes things it's not used to, but it made me sad too because I know I'll never catch on to new things like I once was able to do. Good thing I was taught to never give up because I'm not going to. I'll keep reaching towards the stars until the day I die. I hope you feel that way too. 

That's why I'm so glad Betrayal - Indecision's Flame - Book 4 is finally out, and I'm offering a free digital copy of book 1 in the series to everyone who signs up for my newsletter between now and December 31 at 

I'd love for you to join in the fun. 

Welcome to Christmas and Betrayal

Hope everyone has their running shoes on. I know I do. The stores are already packed, we've had our first snowfall, and book 4 in the Indecision's Flame series is now out. Can't get much better than that this last week of November. Here's a short recap of what Brylee is up to next in Betrayal.

Despite a fractured heart over Jake leaving the ranch, Brylee must forge onward in support of her cousin, Molly, who has suddenly decided to get married, inviting Beth to be her maid of honor. Helping to plan an unexpected wedding is prickly, but the reception is even worse when Jake’s appearance confirms what she has known all along. Tension and violence quickly ignite in the outback when a nugget of gold is found on a neighboring homestead and a man is killed for not revealing its source, forcing Brylee and Jake to put aside their differences and pretend to get along as they are pulled deeper into a web of misunderstandings, cover-ups and danger. A desperate ride down a mountain on a saddle less horse helps Brylee arrive at an important deduction that could alter her future, but will providence intervene before she can make good on a promise? Every hope for her future is put to the test. 

Hope this season brings everything you desire but never forget what we're truly meant to celebrate. Christ's birth and life brought us gifts we should never take for granted.