Tuesday 13 February 2024

A Day Dedicated to Love, But How Many Actually Feel It

Happy Valentine's Day to all those who have someone special to share it with, and to all of those who for whatever reason feel downhearted, abandoned and unappreciated. You are not alone. I feel your pain and have for many years. But during all of those hours of tears, feeling broken-hearted and definitely unloved because valentines, chocolates, flowers and jewelry are the things of a very distinct past,  I have come to know my Heavenly Father better. He is no respecter of persons regardless of how they look, where they live, religious or political affiliation, wealth or poverty,  popularity or friendlessness, outward or  hidden talent or any other of dozens of mortal-defined combinations. His love is infinite, complete and eternal. He knows us far better than we know ourselves and see possibilities we can't even imagine. 

If we're smart and humble enough we will put our compete trust in him for there is no mountain too steep to climb nor river too wide and torturous to cross - metaphorically speaking since we are all very human and filled with unwanted weakness along with unrecognizable strength - if we are willing to align our will with that of our supreme maker and quit trying to be in control all of the time. The numerous occasions when I have been the recipient of his great power and love could fill volumes if I had been wise enough to commit them to paper or computer, but mortal life always seems to get in the way of self-reflection and spiritual pursuits. I'm sure many of you have also fallen victim to distractions that prevented your doing things that might have been far more beneficial.

My heart has been troubled this morning by some of the reports I've read about or listened to since crawling out of bed to do my physical therapy exercises. The types of stretches required often make me nauseous since I'm exerting such pressure on muscles that had to be reattached to the tendons in my shoulder and don't like being forced to move against their will. But the horrible fires in Chile last week are so reminiscent of the ones in Hawaii just a few months ago that they're hard to dismiss as being acts of the buzz words "Climate Change". People describe fireballs coming from the sky and homes and businesses being reduced to ashes. Deaths stand at over 125 but are expected to rise significantly since there are 200 persons unaccounted for already. Like those innocent and unsuspecting citizens in Maui who were hit by Direct Energy Weapons the area had been designated for smart cites to be filled with every technological advantage and means of surveillance system imaginable. Chile is one of the largest transporters of fruits and vegetables in the off season for countries like the United States. So much for another hit at disrupting the world's food supply, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that.

While millions of people were watching the Super Bowl, unbeknown to them there was a massive bombing campaign by Israel on the so-called "safe Area" where they told the Palestinians to shelter for safety. An unreleased number of men, women and children were killed. According to multiple military sources, around the same time a disc-shapped UFO intercepted a nuclear missile and disabled it in mid-air and another train derailment took place in California sending 4 carloads of coal into the Feather River. A proposed California bill will give unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants. This is in addition to food, clothing, shelter, medical care, schooling and a debit or credit card where a monthly allowance for living expenses is automatically being added. There are also bills to give them voting rights, the opportunity to join the military or police force, work permits and even taking away the need for having a driver's license.

All this comes when taxes are being raised for those who actually work, veterans benefits are being given to illegals, entire communities are being told to move aside so those who just walked over the border without giving anything more than a name can inhabit their homes, churches, businesses, parks and anywhere they basically want to go. And what's most troubling of all about the entire situation is that each and every one of them know they can commit most any crime without being penalized. We saw that a few days ago with the illegal flashing disgusting hand signals after helping to beat up some policemen in New York City. He wasn't even detained.  

But it's not just America that is in trouble. The food shortages and revolt of citizens over the plight of farmers - with their land being seized and too many federal mandates being imposed - is escalating throughout much of Europe. There are roadblocks, convoys and massive, destructive riots in many of the major cities. Additionally, most of the European countries are also fighting the incessant migration that is breaking down their way of life and diluting their populations. Ireland has had closed borders forever and is now being invaded with no government intervention either. It seems the global elite are determined to control all farming operations in an attempt to create a world-wide food shortage while making sure the white populations become minorities in their own countries. 

Is it a coincidence that approximately a dozen food processing plants have been burned to the ground or simply exploded in the US during the past few months or that Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party are forcing farmers out in America and buying up all the farm land they can get their hands on only to let it sit idle? Google just implemented a new censorship software, banks are failing nearly every day, and the Senate just passed another multi-billion dollar deal for Ukraine and the Middle East bypassing any attempt at securing our own border. These monies become part of the taxes owned by our grandchildren for generations to come since we are already 35 trillion dollars in debt, and we as American citizens had no say in the matter. Most of the politicians we are supposed to trust have been installed, not elected, and will vote for whatever the elite uni-party leaders want due to their own complicity in the plan to destroy America. But once again, I'm just trying to get at the truth and will leave you to investigate as you wish to.

I suppose I'm feeling a little more frustrated than usual since love is supposed to be in the air, but the inhumanity, tyranny, treason, threat of war, complete loss of freedom and every other evil so visible in the world today makes me sad. I can feel the weight of our founding fathers pressing down on my shoulders and asking me what I have done to help stop the destruction of the Constitution they worked so closely with God Almighty to give us. While I have spent much time studying, listening and internalizing the knowledge already gleaned by others, I am still in the information gathering stage and have yet to let my voice be heard by anyone, except a few trusted friends and anyone willing to read my blogs. 

I want to stand up personally with all the patriots who organize marches, caravans, peaceful protests or even attend political community meetings to show support for legislation that supports my beliefs, but so far I feel incapable of leaving the safety of my home. I like being unnoticed because I mistakingly think that no one will bother me if I keep to myself. But history in nearly every instance proves just haw fallacious that thought process really is. If I am not standing up to the problem I am merely becoming part of it, and innocent people are hurt along with all the defenders when evil erupts. What will I tell God when I get to the other side if I'm afraid to leave my home when there are good people everywhere who need to know at least the basics of what I do?

If you want a good read that will give you plenty to think about I would suggest Stand Up For Liberty by Ezra Taft Benson. I just finished the chapter titled: United States Foreign Policy. It resounded so completely with my beliefs I wanted to share a few paragraphs with you. He begins with a premise that Patriotism and America-first have become vulgar concepts within in the chambers of our State Department so it is no wonder that the strength and prestige the United States once enjoyed has completely eroded. This assertion comes from a man who did not live to see the twenty-first century but spent years working in the Agriculture Department under President Eisenhower. 

He continues. Nothing in the Constitution grants the president the privilege of offering himself as a world leader. He's an executive; he's on our payroll and is supposed to put our best interests in front of those of other nations. His job is to preserve America's political, economic and military independence - the three cornerstones of sovereignty - while dealing with the affairs of the rest of the world. Beyond that point, humanitarian or charitable activities are the responsibility of individual citizens without government coercion. 

In his fifth address to  both houses of congress, President Washington explained: "There is a rank due to the United States among nations, which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must always be known that we are ready for war." (January 8, 1790)

But being ready to wage war when it is brought to our shores is far different than promoting it between nations, supporting both sides financially and using the loss of life, property and security to launder money and hide what the most evil among us want to keep hidden. One cannot go to bed with the enemy politically, financially or ideologically and not expect to be burned when the truth finally comes out. I fear that is the place our nation is at, and the global elites who run most of the governments world wide want it to stay under their control, minus 90 percent of the present world population. Fewer numbers of people are much easier to control. 

It has never been necessary for America to give up her independence to have contact and influence with other countries and it's not necessary now. Despite what we have been led to believe by the elite globalists in our own government, our country is not so strong it can defend, feed and subsidize half the world and interfere with other countries policies and way of life without losing all we hold dear. How would we feel if another world power attempted to take away our freedom, dictate how we conduct our affairs, tell us what moral or ethical standards we must follow, give us money that is supposed to alleviate suffering when it only causes more bloodshed, disappears into the pockets of politicians who are buying or paying back favors or gets filtered into projects and ideologies we are totally against? 

All I can say is that no wonder the people of so many countries hate us. They'll take our money, never to repay it, and expend their energy plotting ways to bring us down. It's an awful and dangerous game the mostly installed leaders are playing with the innocent people of every nation. We are not like the thirteen colonies that founded this nation and wrote a Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect what they believed in most - freedom for all.  They were of similar cultural back grounds, enjoyed similar legal systems, spoke basically the same language, shred similar religious beliefs, and most important of all formed their own union which was designed to keep any of them from forcefully intervening in the affairs of others. The original federal government was authorized to provide mutual defense, run a post office and that was about all. All the other rights were left to the individual colonies. How far we have fallen!

Among the nations of the world today there are very few common bonds that could help to overthrow a clash of cross-purposes. We are dealing with divergent ethic, linguistic, legal, religious, cultural and political environments to name a few. How could we possible exist under one giant world command without conflict? To say that it would be a brutal, forced union where every dissident would be punished or eliminated is putting it mildly. And what happens when the elite start fighting amongst themselves wanting a larger and larger slice of the combined pie? That's just the way human nature works, and it has been the downfall of every civilization known to man.y civilization ever known to man.

Benson maintains that there are two kinds of peace. If it is merely the absence of war, then peace could be found in a communist slave labor camp. The wretched souls there are not at war, but what joy or sense of fulfillment do they find? Peace with freedom is what I desire. If we are not willing to defend what the Founding Fathers gave us then we will lose both freedom and the resulting kind of peace it produces.  Sadly, all nations must follow the concept of limited government if universal peace is ever be realized on this planet. But then I suppose that's the way it was meant to be. Satan has been given control and will use everything within his power to decimate everything of goodness, virtue and value. 

When we reach a point that the entire world is ready for destruction then it will come. Until then, it is up to us to keep up the good fight and never lose hope. No matter what happens God is in charge and he loves his children dearly. He will never forsake them until they turn away from what he offers. My prayer and hope is to stay firmly grounded in truth and righteousness until I can kneel before him once again and hear him say, "Welcome home, my good and faithful daughter. All I have to give is waiting for you."

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Slowly Moving Forward

 This might be an interestingly disjointed post and one that isn't as long as usual because it's my first attempt at typing, or even opening my computer in five weeks. I had surgery on my right shoulder on January 3, and while I thought I was sufficiently prepared with enough frozen meals, everything set out where it could be easily retrieved and the most positive attitude I could muster things seldom turn out as planned. Not that the surgery didn't go well, but it took much longer than anticipated and I ended up with six small holes in my shoulder instead of two or three. One tendon had to be completely reattached to the bone with two screws, several smaller tears fixed and both arm and shoulder muscles in my bicep reattached.

Needless to say I was pretty out of it for a few hours, at least so far as cognitive ability goes. My friend who had taken me to surgery needed to get home and my son was much later arriving to take over the nighttime responsibility of having someone in the house so I would even be released from surgical center care. I wasn't too worried about having someone there for the full 24 to 48 hours since I've been on my own for the past 30 years with no one to count on but myself. But I will admit that sitting alone in the basically dark house three hours after leaving the operating room left me feeling somewhat vulnerable. There is just something about the daylight hours that make life seem much less frightening, and having my arm in a sling and metal brace, feeling very unsteady on my feet and not even knowing if I could use my cell phone in an emergency only compounded my discomfort.

I had been given a pain block in my neck so I wasn't feeling much of anything. It was supposed to get me through the first day or so without having to take a pain pill. But in my rather impaired condition none of that really registered. My son was able to pick up the pain pills but the prescription had been sent to a pharmacy I had never been to and they were out of the aspirin prescription that was supposed to reduce the danger of blood clots. After all the trauma my son and his family had been through due to the deplorable actions of my ex-husband that I talked about in an earlier blog, I'm not sure things were really registering for him either. After some time spent trying to figure out what to do, my son and daughter-in-law had me take a pain pill at nine that night so I wouldn't run the risk of having any discomfort before the sun came up. Three hours later they had me take three of the strongest dose aspirin they could find, not knowing the three aspirin in the prescription were the low-dose baby ones and not 1000 milligrams at a time. 

I was feeling so strange by noon the next day that I called the surgical center for some much-needed clarification. The nurse didn't tell me I was stupid for being so overly medicated but let me know that I had basically undone everything the neck block had been designed for and my stomach had not appreciated so much aspirin. The good news was that by this time I was mentally competent to take over my own care. Now that the initial crisis was over my kids went back to living their own lives without much regard for me. My son did call most nights on his way home from work to see how I was doing for the first week or so, but I had learned long ago that he didn't want to hear about my problems because he had enough of his own to deal with.

The inflatable leg compression units that I had to wear for two weeks nearly drove me crazy. Putting them on with one hand was bad enough, but getting them tight enough to stay up was impossible. And the swishing noice every 90 seconds as they filled up and then released air nearly drove me crazy. The brace supporting my arm rested so heavily on my ribs I often felt like I couldn't get enough air, and while I was in discomfort, not any real pain, it was still hard to sleep in a recliner for more than an hour or two at a time. It didn't help that we had a couple of good blizzards that made the sky dark during the day and it was hard to stay warm enough when I had barely enough energy to get from one chair to another.

But the blessings I received during those first two weeks and the ones that have come since have been so great that complaining seems childish. Neighbors kept my driveway shoveled, came to visit and brought yummy food to eat. They were there to talk to and offer some excellent advice when we were without water for many hours after a main line in town broke, and they rearranged schedules so I could get to my post op visit during a blizzard. Someone was always available to take me to therapy or for a short drive so I wouldn't get antsy being homebound. No one gave me funny glances when I went to church looking like a frump with a hat on my head, little makeup, no bra and those unsightly felt boots since I couldn't get anything else on my feet. Unfortunately, that's just how I'll continue to look until I can get my arm above my head and around my back again.

In past years I would have made certain that no one saw me looking like that. I'm very careful about my appearance, and it's not just because I'm afflicted with the bad kind of pride. I know I'm not being my true self if I let anything go to pot. Except perhaps my waistline. Diabetes, along with breathing through my abdomen and plain old age have made my tiny waist a thing of the past. And I'm a firm believer in covering up all that pesky crepey skin and cellulite. Even the very thin have it. But instead of being obsessed with every new wrinkle, I've decided that a smile and a positive attitude is all I really need to grow old gracefully, along with a healthy sense of humor that allows me to laugh at myself without condemnation. That's what all the truly beautiful older women seem to do and I've found myself admiring them tremendously. 

I'll forgo detailing all my bouts with flushed cheeks, blotchy, red hives that didn't want to away, a twitching eye and parched skin that looked more like drifting sand or a lizard's skin. I'm assuming that's all part of the healing process and it will make up its own mind about when it's  going to stop. I was lucky in only having to take pain pills for two days before ibuprofen or Aleve would do the trick and was able to take care of my granddaughter and two dogs three weeks into recovery - minus all the food I normally fix. Even the student at the physical therapists who gave me an exercise I hadn't been cleared for yet and caused massive amounts of muscle pain and days of worrying about it having undone all the repairs in my shoulder will eventually be forgotten as new challenges arrive both in this recovery and life itself. 

There has been much quiet time for introspection and better understanding when it comes to setbacks that offer a chance to learn something important. My trust in God's universal, and yet individual, love for each of His children and the knowledge of my Savior's perfect gift for all of mankind, at least those who are willing to accept it, have never been stronger. Every moment of fear, doubt and uncertainty can be taken to Them, and while not every answer to our prayers is made immediately clear, I know I am loved, understood and protected.

I've been doing a lot of reading during my convalescence and my knowledge is rapidly growing. However, trying to form the pieces into an understandable whole is a challenge since it's impossible to get at the truth because the people in power are so determined to hide it. But tears actually came to my eyes last week when I read about all the veterans, truckers, military personnel and 27 state governors who stood behind Texas in their fight to save both their state and our country from the invasion that has come to a climax the past three years. 

Of course, main stream media will not air anything unless it advances the far left agenda that calls everyone on the right terrorists.These self-proclaimed socialists need all the illegals they can get to promote chaos, vote in the election and basically replace us. But I'll leave that alone for now and let you do some of your own research. It will open your eyes for sure and even bring to the foreground more questions than you are able to find answers for. Like the actual number of illegals recently arrived. Approximately twenty million in recent months have walked right across our border knowing our tax dollars will pay for all their needs while we become even less able as citizens to put food on our tables or get the medical care we need. 

It's a tragic situation all the way around and my heart goes out to people worldwide who are suffering, but utter civil chaos and plunging our posterity into financial slavery for generations to come is not the answer. We need to reclaim our country before it is destroyed for good, and I stand with all the loyal patriots who are trying to defend us and our cherished way of life. They are facing an uphill battle and need the rest of us to wake up. I believe there is still time for us to be heard and reclaim what we have lost, but it can only be done at the grassroots level when we let our supposed representatives know we are not happy with the decisions being made. Our constitution has been ignored and our rights as free Americans are being trampled on.

Think about these provable facts and decide where you stand. The battle for our future freedom is ongoing and can be permanently lost by the stroke of a pen. Stand tall, firm and immovable as we defend God, country and family. The ultimate war has already been won but many battles still await us.

    * Most of the persons coming across the border are military-aged men from countries who hate us. The majority of the rest are not coming for political asylum. They know policies are in place to house, feed, cloth, educate and take care of their every need for the rest of their lives if desired.

    * Estimated annual cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers annually - $455 billion. That does not include government grants, special programs and billions each year spent by charities and religious groups.  

    * 340,000 unaccompanied alien children in U.S. (Why would parents leave their children with people they don't know to enter a foreign country illegally?)

    * Nearly ninety percent of congressional districts with foreign born populations above the national average vote democrat. In 2020 hispanic voters replaced black voters as largest potential minority voting bloc.

    * Date that America is projected to become a majority minority country: 2045.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Welcome to a New Year

I have been working furiously the past two weeks trying to get prepared for my shoulder surgery tomorrow. The house is clean, extra meals and cookies are frozen for use, protective plastic has pulled away from protein drinks so I just have to twist the cap and I have made sure my pantry is stocked with easily accessible snacks and soups so I won't have to hunt around for anything. I have purchased shirts that button up the front and a hat I can wear to church since it will be impossible to do my hair and makeup for a few weeks. I've even tried dressing myself, eating, and washing my hair with only the use of my non-dominant hand. I have two wonderfully soft comforters and a number of pillows ready to use while I try to sleep in one of my recliners for the next 6 weeks.

To keep myself entertained while I'm confined to my house and unable to do even the simplest things without a great deal of effort, I  have three large stacks of books ready to read along with an entire binder filled with movies that are clean enough to watch without having my spirit vexed. I gave up on regular TV years ago and substituted cable with the old rabbit ears that offer plenty of variety if I get bored enough. I've learned how to check my phone for alternate news sources because I haven't believed anything coming from mainstream media for over a decade. It's hard knowing that everything we hear from so-called trustworthy anchors has been scripted by the same source of big government and big everything else. Gone are the days when we actually knew what was going on in the world without doing a ton of original research. But then I was given an inquisitive mind and know that God expects me to use it.

In a way I feel like this surgery will bring me closer to my brother who was run over by a tandem disk when he was three and completely paralyzed on the right side of his body. It was excruciatingly painful watching him try to regain movement, but despite all the agony he rarely cried as his poor little limbs were pulled this way and that trying to regain any movement. The accident happened in the early 1950s and physical therapy had yet to come into being but the surgeons did the best they could.  I remember my father converting a grocery shopping card into a kind of walker so he could pull his little body around the house as he worked to remain even a small portion of what he had lost.

He passed away three years ago and a day seldom goes by when I do not think about him and the strength and patience he developed throughout a lifetime of disability, people making fun of him and never being able to do most of the things other people took for granted. I suppose some of the closeness I felt to him came because we were next to each other in age and in a moment of stress and panic my mother vocally blamed me for the accident. I was 5 and took everything she said literally. I watched out for him as best I could for the rest of his life, but that wasn't easy because he was so independent and his heart was as big as the great outdoors and he never wanted to be considered different than anyone else. His kindness and understanding were a blessing in so many people's lives and he taught me more than words can adequately express. I look forward watching him run and jump and play ball when I join him in the life that comes next. His big smile is the first thing I want to see.

That's why I'm trying to be as brave and positive as I can about shoulder surgery that will  stop me from doing so many things I take for granted for a few months. How blessed we are to have amazing bodies that can heal almost any injury or illness and that allow us to love and serve others as Christ did during his journey on earth. I want my heart to become as big as my brothers and to learn how to accept setbacks for the opportunities they offer to learn and grow and become better people. I'm hoping it won't take 2 or 3 months before I'm able to type with more than one finger of my left hand because I know I'm going to have more to say about this part of my own journey.

But before I close, there has been something on my mind I have wanted to share for several weeks and it is about the Covid shots we were forced to take or risk being persecuted for disobedience. Something inside told me they weren't good but I allowed myself to be persuaded by people I thought had our best interest in mind. I recall driving to the big arena where our cars were sent to different stations and men in military uniforms were ready to give us the jab. I told the man with the syringe in his hand that I didn't want to get it. He said I could come back later if I didn't feel comfortable about doing it right now.  My reply was that I wouldn't be back if I left. Looking back, I should have listened when he gave me an out because I certainly didn't feel good after I got it. The heart palpitations stared and I got really sick to my stomach and felt like I couldn't breathe. But the medic on duty turned me loose after checking my blood pressure and making sure I was able to drive. 

I got the second injection and 2 boosters before I garnered enough courage to tell people, especially two very persistent sisters, that I wasn't doing it again. Oh how I wish I had followed my God-given instinct from the very beginning, but like most everyone else I didn't want to be confined to home and needed to be out helping and serving others. My son got Covid and was in the hospital for three days and my son-in-law was in the hospital for over a week with it. We nearly lost both of them and the repercussions for that manmade and released virus has left both of them with issues they never had before. Several young men in our community died from heart attacks shorty after getting jabbed.

So I wasn't the least bit surprised upon hearing a report about six weeks ago. The lead data administrator for Covid response in New Zealand was arrested on November 3 after releasing a study he had made about the increase in deaths among individuals receiving each batch of Covid vaccine administered in his country. The spike proteins in the Covid vaccine cut off the immune system triggering cancer, two forms of heart disease and certain types of pneumonia. He created an algorithm to track each batch of vaccine and how many deaths occurred among the recipients during the next two years. His findings were shocking. You should look up the statistical data presented in his charts. They went from 2 or 3 deaths in a batch to over 60 percent of the recipients.

His study was confined to New Zealand, but he also said that there was no increase in deaths worldwide during the pandemic but a 40 percent spike after 2021. There was an almost 900% increase in heart related deaths in the military among enlisted men, but the officers death rate remained steady. He said that anyone could get on the Internet and look up the ID number of the batch they received and read the statistics on it. He also said that part of the shots were merely a saline solution because the drug companies were testing it's effectiveness since that hadn't been done before its release. Whether or not the red states really received the most lethal batches, I have yet to conform on my own. But considering the political climate in our country it wouldn't surprise me.

In addition to hearing that report, I also learned that an antidote to the vaccine had been developed but it's very expensive and hard to get. However if someone really wanted to rid their body of the harmful spike proteins a three-day fast from both food and water would also work. It was simple but so unpleasant most people didn't want to try it. The moderator had not received any of the Covid injections but wanted to test the fast out before recommending it to his listeners. He was heading into his final hours of the treatment during that broadcast and doing quite well, except for being a little grouchy the night before. His wife told him to go to bed.  

Given my own distrust of the vaccine and not feeling at all like my old self after taking the original shots and two boosters, I decided to give it a try. After all, I regularly fast for 24 hours to give both my body and spirit a rest. But by the morning of the second day I felt so weak all I could do was move from one chair to another and read a book. I kept telling myself that with God's help anything is possible and made myself stay out of the kitchen. The third day wasn't at all bad, but I was ready to eat by the time the 72 hours were over.

The hardest part for me was introducing food and water into my system again. There was plenty of stomach cramping and the dreaded diarrhea the next two days but I felt so much lighter and cleaner. Even if it didn't get rid of all the spike proteins it was supposed to, I felt closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior than I had for quite some time. It's amazing how our focus changes when we're denied things our bodies want. Perhaps part of it is feeling the weakness of our mortal body and knowing how truly dependent we are when it comes to the things that matter most in this life.

In less than twenty-four hours I will be at the surgical center. It's been hard to sleep the past few nights and I doubt tonight will be much better. I was fitted for the brace that is meant to keep my shoulder immobile a couple of hours ago. It's far more uncomfortable than I thought it would be, but at least I can do up the straps with one hand. The hard part will be relaxing enough not to move my shoulder up and down when I get stiff and tired from sitting or standing. But like with everything else in life, I know I can do this with help from my eternal Father.

How grateful I am for Him and for my beloved Savior. We're in a new year now and one that likely won't be that pleasant with a scheduled presidential election, the war in the Middle East that could so easily see our ground forces becoming involved, the natural disasters happening everywhere, the absolutely unbelievable number of illegals that are being allowed across the border without being vetted and who are using over half the money set aside for welfare that was supposed to assist people in our country legally, and all the vocal protesting from militant factions that will become more violent as the weeks progress.  

Not the most uplifting thoughts for the second day of January, but my prayers are with all the faithful patriots who are risking prosecution, fortunes, safety and even their own lives to keep us informed about the evil designs of the men and women whose only goal is to rule the entire world. I'm hoping to learn a great deal more about them and how I can better help as I do my own heavy-duty studying throughout many weeks of recovery and therapy.

May your day be bright, your spirit strong and your soul filled with hope. God is in charge and we all have our own part to play during this life journey. May we never forget our divine origin, how many people are watching over us and how resilient we really are. Despite many unwelcome challenges we are richly blessed.