Friday 10 August 2018

Disasters Everywhere

The skies in Utah range from blue to pink to gray to purple and people with chronic lung problems are being told to stay indoors or visit another place until the air clears. As a severe allergy sufferer I get it, but it still makes my heart hurt for all of those whose lives are being ravaged by all the disasters that are raging in our country right now. The coasts are being hit hard by flooding and fires and so many people have lost their homes, businesses and all the little mementos that bring and keep families together. That doesn't even include all the personal tragedies and hard time people live with everyday. Maybe it's time to to take a step back and visualize the things that mean the most to us. Have you hugged the people you love most today or at least contacted them in some way? That's certainly what I plan to do. After all, it usually is the little things that bring the most comfort and joy. 

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