Tuesday 27 November 2018

Welcome to Christmas and Betrayal

Hope everyone has their running shoes on. I know I do. The stores are already packed, we've had our first snowfall, and book 4 in the Indecision's Flame series is now out. Can't get much better than that this last week of November. Here's a short recap of what Brylee is up to next in Betrayal.

Despite a fractured heart over Jake leaving the ranch, Brylee must forge onward in support of her cousin, Molly, who has suddenly decided to get married, inviting Beth to be her maid of honor. Helping to plan an unexpected wedding is prickly, but the reception is even worse when Jake’s appearance confirms what she has known all along. Tension and violence quickly ignite in the outback when a nugget of gold is found on a neighboring homestead and a man is killed for not revealing its source, forcing Brylee and Jake to put aside their differences and pretend to get along as they are pulled deeper into a web of misunderstandings, cover-ups and danger. A desperate ride down a mountain on a saddle less horse helps Brylee arrive at an important deduction that could alter her future, but will providence intervene before she can make good on a promise? Every hope for her future is put to the test. 

Hope this season brings everything you desire but never forget what we're truly meant to celebrate. Christ's birth and life brought us gifts we should never take for granted.

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