Wednesday 28 November 2018

Three beautiful winners

So I'm really setting a record - three blogs in less than two days - but I couldn't let this go. Some things are just too exciting. One of the winners from my first contest as a writer, Amber Homer from Boise, Idaho, sent me a picture this morning of two of her beautiful daughters holding the books she won last month. They ended up on the cover of a literary magazine - Books 'N Pieces - that everyone should check it because it's amazing with author interviews, short stories and deals galore each month.

I love doing things for others, but time and distance often prevent me from getting as involved as I would like. Sponsoring contests and sharing my work is one way I've found for keeping in touch. My hope is that my books will be entertaining, uplifting and thought-provoking. Much thought is given to each character in my stories. Even the more villainous ones have redeeming qualities. Hope your day has been great. I know mine has. You could be one of the next winners by signing up for my newsletter at before December 31.  Each person who does s will receive a digital copy of Indecision's Flame book. There are also 4 print proof copies of the same book to be given away at the end of month. I'd love to be giving them to you.

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