Wednesday 5 December 2018

Newsletters and Mailing Lists

Here’s my spiel about newsletters and mailing lists. People are downright afraid of them. We’re a society inundated by salespersons in every form trying to sell us something we most likely don’t need or even want. Saying ‘no’ is often irksome since it breeds hostility and avoided or lost friends. So why am I asking anyone to join my newsletter mailing list at and receive a free book in the process? It’s not to guilt anyone into buying books, though that would be nice since they're available on Amazon at https// It’s simply a marketing tool to help identify people who want to know more about a whole lot of different things and give away a few books that are a very real part of me since I wrote them. They are my children, and like the children we raise I want others to see how great I think they are. 

My newsletter is a companion to this site where I share ideas, thoughts and poems, and past experiences with others that have impacted my life. It will include recipes, clean reads by other authors, my own new releases, information I’ve gleaned from a variety of sources and anything else I feel is uplifting and positive. It’s a place to express how I’m feeling inside and maybe help someone else in the process. The Internet is a powerful tool for good when used in the right way. I’m learning that I have a responsibility to help make the world a better place. I’m pretty much confined to my own little area of influence without it, but by using it I can keep in touch with the people in my life who really matter, especially those I haven’t seen for a while. So take a chance and sign up. I’d love for you to be a bigger part of my life. 

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