Monday 10 December 2018

Christmas and Giving

I am awed by people’s ability to reach out and touch hearts, especially this time of year when unique challenges often seem overwhelming. Inspired works of art, music, poetry and personal insight that lift the spirit, bring hope and help others experience the true joy of this marvelous Christmas season are created and shared by so many of you. I see examples of personal talents being used to bless the lives of others each time I open my Facebook page. I read stories of faith, courage, loyalty, empathy, kindness and cheer that let me know heaven is not so far away from here. I thank all of you for being so willing to share both the good and the bad that life has to offer. It makes us feel less alone. I’d really like to do my part by sharing more of me. I can’t sing, dance or create beautiful works of art, but I believe the stories I write will bring hope and peace. I’d love for you to have a free digital copy of the first book I wrote, Indecision’s Flame, simply by signing up for my monthly newsletter at   It’s my way of saying “thank you for being you”.

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