Tuesday 8 January 2019

Welcome to 2019!

So I've been missing in action for a few weeks. The holidays seemed like the perfect time to look at something besides my computer screen, so I spent more time with family and friends, relaxing and contemplating what was most important to me. I came to the conclusion that writing New Year's Resolutions was a waste of time for me since I never follow through for more than a few weeks at time. I decided that if I focused on two areas, without writing anything down, I would make more progress and hopefully see more results. I chose connecting with my spiritual self and working on my health. I truly believe those things are interconnected, and if I make small improvements each day, I'll eventually see some positive results. What do you think? I'd like to know how you handle the beginning of each new year.

To that end, I've decided to spend some time in each post sharing with you parts of a book titled "Working Back into Life" that I started to write many years ago. Like so many other things, I never finished it, but the ideas are solid and might give you a few ideas or a moment of clarification. I began writing it during a time in my life when I was questioning just about everything. Not to belabor the issue, but I'd just had my last miscarriage - I'd had almost 20 with no live births - and had just been told that I needed a hysterectomy. Needless to say, it was a very dark time and eventually led to some life-altering decisions.

I think we've all had times like that when we're either going to give up or give in or start fighting a very difficult battle. It hasn't been smooth-sailing, and I've had more relapses into despair, loneliness and sorrow than I care to admit, but I'm still standing. I hope you are too. I love being there for others and trying to help in my own small way. Today, I gave away 4 proof copies of Indecision's Flame to people on my mailing list: Verdon, Glenna, Emily and Sarah. I hope they'll enjoy them. I learned a great deal writing the series. If you'd like to be included in more that I'm doing, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter at http://eepurl.com/dCPYVf  

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